Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Being a huge fan of Action Sports, photographing it was always a dream since i was a kid....there is nothing i would rather do for the rest of my life other then photograph my friends and strangers doing what they love as well...here is a slide show from trips i have been on, events, and friends....

PERSONAL NOTE: To everyone i have or will photograph, thank you...you are my heroes!

Monday, December 7, 2009


I get a random phone call from my old friend Clayton asking if i could come up one day to photograph his son Zack and catch up since it has been a super long time since i have seen his family. So of course my response was yes...more so because clayton is never short handed with beer. So i spent the day at their house shooting Zach and his mother Jamie (when she was not looking). Here are two images i shot as i was leaving...as i walked out the door i turned around and Jaime was holding Zach in the window and i shouted at her not to move and grabbed my camera...These are my favorite shots from the day...It is always amazing getting to catch up with old friends...thanks for the phone call!