Saturday, September 19, 2009


Lately i have been thinking about snowboarding non stop, so here a brief story about a rail session from last season. A friend came to me with an idea to load a truck up with as much snow as we could fit into a truck, head to the Jersey shore and try to get shots of someone hitting rails onto the beach before we got kicked of the boardwalk, arrested, or even worse, the snow melted. I was super stoked with the idea as it was the end of a shitty bitter cold east coast winter and there was nothing more than i wanted to do at the time besides sit on a beach in 60 degree weather. After getting kicked out of a few spots we finally found one more rail we could hit that was in a "not so shady spot." We quickly built a launch for PJ and he killed it for an hour before the snow melted...Pj then retired his board to the ocean and then walked to his car where there was a wetsuit and a surf board waiting. PERFECT way to say farewell to winter!

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