Monday, February 8, 2010

25 Days in Hawaii: DAY 1

After a long wait in Newark airport and an 11 hour flight I finally arrived in Hawaii to shoot for Original Skateboards for 25 days on various islands. We arrived in Honolulu and met up with a local friend of ours to crash at his pad in Waikiki, until we head to the Big Island on Feb 8th. Sunday morning i woke up and accompanied Derek (our local friend) to the North Shore for an early morning surf session at Pipeline. It was super rad being able to stand on the shore and shoot after seeing it in so many surf videos, and to top it off, i was able to catch a few shots of Kelly Slater as well.


  1. Chris these shots are amazing.
    I can't wait for 24 more days.


  2. dope..hope you guys got out at ehukai

  3. no breaks my ass! Lately you're getting nothing but. . . . !!!!!!!!!

    can't wait for more- phylis B

  4. SO PROUD OF YOU! Miss you see you when your home.
    Love you!!!
    -Christie =]