Friday, May 7, 2010

JACKSON...end of story!

Anyone who knows Aaron Chase knows that his dog Jackson is with him where ever he goes. They also know the worst thing you can do is throw an object for Jackson to fetch because he will retrieve the object then bark at you until you throw it again, which will continue all day until he passes out or you ignore him. I say object because since i have know Aaron, i have seen Jackson pull 4 ft logs out of the woods, small tires, sticks, balls, pretty much anything he can get his mouth around for someone to throw. Yesterday i was shooting with Aaron at one of our local spots and of course Jackson was in normal form running after a tennis ball all day. Aaron threw the ball down a slalom course he built and i watched Jackson rail the berm faster than i have seen anyone on a mountain bike hit it. I looked at Aaron with my jaw dropped and asked him if he saw how fast Jackson hit the berm and Aaron was already laughing. As i was standing there laughing i thought i had to get a shot of this, so Aaron walked down to the berm to rally Jackson and our friend Ray tossed the ball down the course. Within seconds Jackson was already in route ripping down the course. This is definitely one of my top ten favorite personal shots i have ever taken...